how much does hair grow in a month

how much does hair grow in a month

How much does hair grow in a month ?

how much does your hair grow in a month ? Gaining volume and especially length is every woman's dream. In fact, there are some men who also share this dream. However, gaining between 1 to 2 cm a month at most is not really a good deal. Here, we offer you powerful and natural alternatives to achieve good results.

Don't believe in miracles!

You will surely have understood it, the alternative that we propose to you is the use of castor oil! But before getting to the heart of the matter, let's talk about "miracle" solutions.

If you are reading this article, you have probably done some research. We can already reassure you that the solution we are going to propose below is really effective. However, during your research, you have probably come across many articles and videos with results that are truly miraculous.

Some big lies promise a gain of 10 cm in one month! If it were really possible, even the planet earth would be hairy. It's good to dot the I's and cross the t's. These methods are misleading advertisements. To gain volume, you must keep your feet on the ground. You won't find a way to go from the boy's haircut to Barbie in just one month.

What you can do, however, is to take care of your hair naturally to boost its regrowth. This method is guaranteed to be beneficial to your hair in every way.

Favour natural products!

As said earlier, the method we suggest is to use castor oil for hair. This oil already has a great reputation among all lovers of natural products. We are talking, of course, about a vegetable oil specially dedicated to body care and especially hair care.

If you want to boost the regrowth of your hair, you will have to go back to the basics. Already, hair that grows well is healthy and well-nourished hair. This is exactly what castor oil offers. This includes deep hydration. The richness in vitamin E and fatty acids greatly promotes volume gain. You can be sure to see results from the very first use.

Once again, we must emphasize that this product is almost miraculous and not cheating. So don't expect your hair to grow back two hours after application.

Sarcasm aside, remember that castor oil is an ally for beautiful hair, regardless of your hair type. Also, it is good to differentiate castor oil from carapate oil.

Coconut oil and blends

Note that boosting your hair growth also depends on many other factors. For example, you need to know which hairbrush to choose? You probably know, but a brush that is not adapted to your hair type will not be of any benefit to you.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the benefits of coconut oil on hair. This vegetable oil is also one of the must-haves for hair care. There is nothing better for moisturizing hair.

Otherwise, it is always interesting to make a mix of vegetable oils to get more results. For example, mix castor oil and coconut oil. In this case, the benefits of the two oils will combine for impeccable results.

1. Our hair grows 0.3 millimetres a day, barely one centimetre a month. It's going to take us a long time to recover this much too short square.
2. Heat stimulates circulation, but it grows faster in hot weather.
3. If they are in good health, our hair will lengthen by +30% when wet. Arhem. Maybe it's time to invest in a repairing mask.
4. We all lose between 45 and 60 hairs a day except in the fall, which is a bad time to sow 100 hairs a day. Ugh.
5. Our hair is essentially made up of keratin, so far we know this. That said, we have not pushed reflection to the point of realizing that this protein is also the main constituent of animal dander: hair, feathers, horns. In short, our mane is our own fur. Graaou.
6. Your hair has the power to make you talk. By observing it very closely, we can know everything that has been circulating in your bloodstream lately. Yeah yeah, even that little joint from last summer, bad girl.
7. On the other hand, no meticulous scientist will be able to tell if you are a man or a woman by looking at one of your hairs under a microscope. The same structure on both sides.
8. Not surprisingly, black hair is the most common hair colour worldwide, while red hair is the rarest hair colour (redheads make up 1% of the population). As for blondes, they are only 2%.
 9. The sad reality is that your hair is a pile of dead bodies. Each of your hair is in fact made up of a bulb (a living room) and the hair shaft (the hair what), made up of keratin, which is therefore inert. The advertisement for your favourite shampoo, which promises "a living, vibrating substance", is therefore shamelessly lie to you.
10. A new hair starts to grow at the very moment the previous one is pulled out of its follicle. It is easier to understand why you are hairy again the moment you leave the esthetician's office.

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