when does postpartum hair loss start, how long does it last, tips, solutions

when does postpartum hair loss start

when does postpartum hair loss start a few weekswhen does postpartum hair loss start after giving birth, or more if you have been breastfeeding, you may suddenly lose your hair. Hair loss is more important at the beginning, but after a month it will decrease. Be careful, it may persist if it is not taken seriously. In the most severe cases of postpartum alopecia, 20 to 30% of your hair can fall out.
The area most often affected is the top of the skull in cases of postpartum alopecia. But the whole hair is weaker and becomes dull. The hair is finer, difficult to style and falls out by the handful with each shampoo.

Why does one lose one's hair after childbirth?

Vigorous, thicker and shiny during pregnancy, hair loses its strength after childbirth. This is called reactive hair loss. Several factors are responsible for postpartum alopecia. The main cause is hormonal disruption. When you are pregnant, estrogen hormones increase massively, stimulating your entire body and prolonging the life of your hair. After you give birth, estrogen concentrations drop, resulting in a simultaneous massive loss of hair that should have "naturally" fallen out.
Birthmarks the beginning of a new life and is a stressful time for most moms. This stress and excessive fatigue due to lack of sleep and resuming work can also be responsible for hair devitalization.
If you are prone to iron deficiency, it is best to consult your GP or dermatologist as iron deficiency can aggravate alopecia.
What are the effective anti-hair loss products?
This form of alopecia is far from being irreversible but hair can sometimes take up to 8 months to grow back and remain weakened over the long term. It is therefore important to treat it to prevent it from losing density and volume.
The most effective treatment for faster regrowth is the application of a specific lotion that acts directly on the root. Hair needs more vitamins than usual to strengthen the keratin and strength of the hair. It is also necessary to stimulate the micro-circulation of the scalp in order to accelerate regrowth. Choose a local treatment based on vitamins B5, B6 and B8 which solidify the hair fiber, the olive tree which protects the bulb and especially red cinchona, an encore extract that accelerates cell proliferation.
The product is applied parting by parting directly to the scalp for three months to see your hair strengthen, fall out less and less and grow back faster.

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