remedies for postpartum hair loss, which treatments work?

remedies for postpartum hair loss

remedies for postpartum hair loss: during pregnancy, most of us discovered with amazement that our hair became beautiful! Thicker, softer, shinier and stronger, we would keep our hair like this for a lifetime. Only after the baby is born, once breastfeeding is over and the hormone craziness has subsided, we are faced with one of the greatest female terrors: hair loss. This is called "postpartum alopecia". Just the term gives us chills, postpartum alopecia, postpartum alopecia, postpartum alopecia.....
Several factors are responsible for postpartum alopecia. The main cause is hormonal disruption. When we get pregnant, our friend's estrogen increases massively, stimulating our whole body to help us make a human baby. And then, incidentally and for no logical reason (except perhaps to make us forget our heartburn), they prolong the life of our hair. Hence our lioness mane for nine months. After childbirth, estrogen concentrations drop, leading to a massive and simultaneous loss of hair that should have "naturally" fallen out for...nine months. I'll let you imagine the damage.
If you now have fun harvesting all your hair that falls out for nine months, you'll have an idea of the horror of postpartum alopecia. I'm just saying, it's an image, don't really do it!
Birthmarks the beginning of a new life, it's a stressful time for most moms. This stress and excessive fatigue due to lack of sleep obviously don't help our hair. It seems that the elements have combined to make us bald.
Of course, it is very unpleasant to encounter this kind of problem when you already have a lot of others to deal with (baby).
But never mind, nature is there to offer us simple, effective and too good solutions.
First of all, hair loss after pregnancy is a reactive hair loss. This means that it occurs as a result of a disorder. It could be stress, poor nutrition, fatigue ... In our case, the disorder is that we gave birth! What's good about it, you might ask? Well, it's a disorder, it can be fixed. It's not as if the problem has no solutions (like stretch marks grrrr).
So you stop pulling out your hair and you get back on your feet quickly, because post-baby hair loss isn't serious, but it can be cured quickly if you want to avoid looking like Barthez.


We start by revitalizing ourselves from the inside out. If we don't give our hair vitamins, it won't grow.
We're laying the groundwork... 
In order for our bodies to assimilate the vitamins, they have to be clean. We then opt for a good detox combined with a probiotic intake. Basically, we remove the toxins and replace them with the good bacteria, the ones that work for us. I highly recommend the "7 days detox" of the Aragan brand, but over a month. Buy several boxes of it and you will see results, even on your skin and your general condition. It comes in the form of small bottles of active plant extracts, in which probiotics are released by screwing the small-cap. We kill two birds with one stone!
This little mixture will prepare your body for the next step.

remedies for postpartum hair loss: we over-vitaminize ourselves

We're stuffing ourselves full of good stuff with royal jelly. Buy it in an organic store or a drugstore, fresh. 1 mg a day, for a month, like a detox. Royal jelly is the food that the queen bee eats, and have you seen how hot she is compared to other bees?

remedies for postpartum hair loss: we're remineralizing.

For those who tend to be iron-deficient, I highly recommend black molasses. A product resulting from the extraction of sugar from sugar cane, black molasses is a thick, dark brown liquid with a taste that is not necessarily transcendental. But it is effective. You can use it to replace sugar in your yogurts, herbal teas... Black molasses are indeed known for their richness in minerals, which we need when our hair falls out.

remedies for postpartum hair loss: we eat good, healthy food

Feed on dried fruit, too. Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts are real elixirs for your hair because they contain what I call "good oils", those that nourish deep down.
Throw yourself also on bananas, excellent for the hair as well as for the nervous system (less stress = more hair, you don't lose the thread).

remedies for postpartum hair loss: you don't get fooled.

Don't rush on the drugstore capsules that are supposed to prevent hair loss, it's often more marketing than effectiveness. Here is a cocktail of natural and cheap elements that have the same effect as these capsules have three months' rent one.
1) You can take tablets of brewer's yeast, which is often recommended against hair loss. Indeed, it is rich in vitamins of the B group, essential for hair vitality. You can also buy it in flakes and sprinkle it on your salad, soup, yogurt...
2) In herbal teas, you can take horsetail from the field. It is rich in silica and iron, and can strengthen hair and promote hair growth! It is also found in many anti-fall remedies! 4 tablespoons of horsetail stem cut into small pieces for 1 liter of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and filter. Drink 3 cups a day.
3) Nettles! Take 2 capsules of nettle leaves per day. Because nettle leaves are a mine of B vitamins, minerals (magnesium, silica, iron ...) and trace elements (copper, zinc, sulfur ...), they are known to fight against hair loss! According to the Vidal of plants, "A lotion of nettle leaves stimulates the circulation of the scalp, which promotes the multiplication of cells at the origin of the hair". I'm not the one who said it!
4) Take Capilea tablets from Dietaroma as a supplement. You will find everything you need for a long and beautiful life: argan oil, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins of the B group ...


Nettle for anti-fall rinsing water. 
How to prepare the rinsing water: Put 4 tablespoons of leaves in 1 liter of boiling water. Let infuse 10 minutes and filter. Use after each shampoo in the water of the last rinse.
Essential oils to the rescue!
Essential Oils are precious help to reduce hair loss, strengthen hair and promote hair growth.
The most effective against hair loss is Essential Oil of Atlas Cedar, but you can also use Essential Oils of Bay of St. Thomas, Lemon, Cineole Rosemary, Palmarosa and Grapefruit.
How do you use them, you ask?
The first thing to do, prepare an anti-fall massage oil according to the following recipe:
Mix in a dark glass bottle 50 ml of Castor Oil, 15 drops of Atlas Cedar Essential Oil, 10 drops of Bay de Saint Thomas Essential Oil, 5 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil and 5 drops of Cineole Rosemary Essential Oil.
You will massage your scalp with this oil one or two evenings a week and leave it on overnight, then shampoo in the morning.
The second thing to do, add three or four drops of Atlas Cedar Essential Oil to your usual dose of shampoo and wash your hair as usual.
A few last-minute tips to get rid of your hair loss

Renounce treatments that are too aggressive for your hair during or just after your pregnancy (perming, chemical coloring, blow-drying, blow-drying...).
Pamper your hair using gentle, natural, silicone-free shampoos.
Bathe your hair in oil on a regular basis. Argan oil, sweet almond, coconut, wheat germ ... treat yourself!
Always rinse your hair well, but avoid too hot water that damages it. Finish with cold water. Even in winter!
Opt for a natural bristle brush and not a plastic one.
Remember that all these tips must be followed for at least three months for optimal results. Don't despair, postpartum alopecia  ALWAYS go in order!

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