4 tips to fight postpartum hair loss your way to Success in 24 hours

4 tips to fight postpartum hair loss: About three months after giving birth, the majority of women lose some or all of their hair. In the most severe cases, it will be a fall of one-third of the hair density. Fortunately, this form of alopecia is reversible. But it still needs to be treated. We take stock of hair loss after birth.


As we know, pregnancy is a powerful event in a woman's life, both in her mind and in her body. And the powerful effects don't stop with childbirth. Marcel Salvador, hair expert of Aderans France, explains: "During pregnancy, women are under a beneficial hormonal influence: the quality of skin and hair is generally improved. The hair is more beautiful, healthier and stronger. After childbirth, the estrogen level will suddenly decrease, often leading to massive and simultaneous hair loss". In addition to the hormonal upheaval, various factors accumulate and cause hair loss: stress and general fatigue due to the arrival of the baby.
This post-partum hair loss usually lasts between two and three months. The expert says: "Hair loss should not be allowed to continue after five months. Otherwise, it can become chronic. "To regain really dense hair, you will still have to wait between six and eight months.
Now we mention the 4 tips to fight postpartum hair loss :

Tip1: possible treatments after postpartum hair loss

There are several methods to counteract hair loss after pregnancy. The first thing to improve during this period is a healthy lifestyle. "It is necessary to monitor the quality of one's diet and to favor a good quality of sleep," recommends Marcel Salvador.
In addition, multiple capsules and hair cures (based on B vitamins, amino acids, zinc, iron, borage oil...) will suffice for the weakest hair losses. That is to say when the mass has not diminished much and the hair has simply become thinner. However, if you are breastfeeding, be careful to ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice before taking food supplements.
In some cases, more targeted and concentrated products are required. The Aderans Hair Center expert recommends luminodermy sessions (a technology that consists of emitting a chromatic light controlled by light-emitting diodes on the scalp). "An LED helmet stimulates photoreceptors and accelerates the construction of new proteins. This therapeutic method helps to reduce hair loss.

Tip 2: products to use after postpartum hair loss

The shampoo:
One checks the ingredients which compose one's shampoo in order to privilege those with a PH adapted to the scalp, which is to say slightly acid. We therefore avoid alkalis.
NB: the PH is an acidity scale between 0 and 14. 7 being a neutral PH, 0 to 6 an acid PH and 8 to 14 an alkaline or basic PH.
When you apply your shampoo in the shower, it is better to massage the scalp rather than rubbing in order to activate the microcirculation without damaging the scalp. Use your fingertips and never your nails.

Tip 3: what if we cut?

Jérôme Guézou, L'Oréal Professionnel ambassador, advises changing your hairstyle. "You shouldn't panic even if hair loss after childbirth is not pleasant. If there is a moment when you have to cut your hair, this is it. "First of all, changing your head for an important event is always a good thing. A new haircut for a new mommy's life? Then because the longer the hair is, the more impressive it is when it falls out! Cutting it prevents them from getting more tired during these hormonal upheavals. There is nothing to stop you from coloring your hair because hair loss is linked to hormonal imbalances and not to external aggressions.

Tip 4: during pregnancy: prevention

To avoid excessive hair loss after childbirth, it is recommended to eat seasonal vegetables and to vary the diet to provide vitamins to the hair during pregnancy. In all cases, do not hesitate to contact your general practitioner or dermatologist for follow-up and treatment in this regard.

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