How to Choose the Best HVAC Filter

Dirty filters clog your HVAC unit and create uncomfortable conditions in the home. A dirty, clogged filter causes increased breathing troubles as it pollutes the indoor air and makes everyone breathe a little deeper. And, it can ruin the HVAC unit and deplete its life expectancy. It is far too easy to change the filters in your HVAC unit than to let these negative consequences happen.

It takes only one monthly filter change to keep your unit working great and free from defects. But, with so many filters on the market to choose from, how can you buy a product that will exceed expectations? Read below to learn the things to look for when choosing Industrial air filters Richmond VA if you want the best.

Filter Size

Before you head out to buy a filter, make sure you know the right size filter for your unit. All HVAC units are sized differently. You do not want to choose the wrong filter that doesn’t fit your unit. Take the filter with you or write down the filter number to ensure that you get the right size.

Type of Filter

There are a few different types of filters you can buy. Make sure that you buy a filter designed for residential use and not commercial use, since both options are available. Be sure that you also look at the MERV ratings to determine the filter that removes the most contaminants from the home.

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It is important that you consider the performance level the filter provides before buying. This varies according to the material, the type, and the size. When the filter has poor performance, it allows more contaminants to pass through the air and further damages the unit.

With the information above in mind, choosing the best HVAC filter is simple. Make sure you change the furnace filter as needed to protect your system.