A Few Shocking Caster Features

Shocking in a positive way. Shockingly good in a way then. Here is a brief overview of the features newly installed shock absorbing casters could be bringing to your commercial or industrial space.

Each commercial and industrial site will have its own unique features. Caster design, manufacture and production responds to this. Going forward, you will have many combined options to choose from, among which include wheel brakes, the swivel lock and turning devices.

No matter what your space, you should be seeking out casters that offer you maximum shock absorption. During the course of sourcing your new equipment, you are encouraged to be fully vocal and active on design elements that should be reviewed. You will be in direct consultation with an engineering team that will help you specify a caster system that fits your space.

If it suits you, the light-weight shock absorbing caster might work. It is compatible with the carrying of sensitive electronic equipment, copiers and all other light office equipment. Noise levels of this caster are low. There are light-weight alternatives for the management and handling of lightweight processing and production materials.

And of course, if most of your work is heavy industry, then there is a set of casters for you too.

These casters can handle the carrying of heavy-duty electronic equipment, copiers and office equipment. But noise reduction levels are pleasingly low as well. There are casters available to help carry tool carts and textile trailers. All ground support processing and manufacturing equipment can be carried on your heavy duty casters. And again. Noise levels are at a minimum.

shock absorbing casters

Shocking, no?

Enough said. Time for you to have a chat with the designers and engineers. But if time is pressing for you right now, you can watch their video demonstrations online in the meantime.